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Both stores  are now Open!

We are asking that only one person per car comes into the store at this time.  Both stores have doors for entering and exiting so that we can have traffic flow with minimal path crossing.  Spots are marked on the floor for water testing and cash register to help maintain social distancing.

Please follow all these guidlines to help everyone stay safe!


Quality supplies at affordable prices

Pool part supplies

When you need high quality pool supplies, contact us. Stop by our store today or get supplies delivered right to your door. ($200.00 minimum for deilivery within 5 mile radius of Howell store) Whether you need a new heater or pool chemicals, we have it all at prices you can afford.

• Liners and covers

• Pumps and filters  

• Pool heaters

• Ladders and handrails

• Automatic cleaners

Keep your pool clean and safe with our supplies

Use quality supplies to keep your pool running for years to come. Have them delivered or stop by our store today.


Learn more about our pool services or contact us today to place an order for delivery! Call us at 517-545-4555 or 810-588-4460 for our new Brighton location.

Water treatment products

• Pool chemicals - BioGuard brand

• Anti-algae solutions

• Chlorine

• Pool analysis supplies

• Pool cleaning supplies

Contact us about getting a FREE estimate!

If you need help adding chemicals or installing new accessories, give us a call! With over 20 years of experience, our knowledgeable team can help.

Ask about our delivery services. You'll get supplies delivered straight to your door! ($200 minimum)


Our BioGuard chemical line is proudly "Made in the USA" and our Clear Result line is manufactured right here in the state of Michigan

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